Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Make a Coral bowl

How to Make a Glass Coral Bowl

I've seen glass 'coral bowls' everywhere nowadays and I'm sure you have too. This little tutorial will help you use up some on your scrap glass with a couple simple steps!

I like to use the same color throughout my bowls but you can create shading with clear, transparent and opalescent glass colors. Make sure you measure your mold to determine the max diameter of glass-- marking the parameters on your shelf paper will make it easier for you (Tip: Flip the mold upside down and trace on your paper). 

Creating your piece on your kiln shelf (line with shelf paper) makes transferring to your kiln very easy. Begin arranging your bowl by 'branching' the glass strips on the shelf paper. Continue organizing glass until you are happy :) then Full fuse your piece. 

Once fused, rinse with soap and water then slump or drape on your favorite mold. 

My Coral Bowl is System 96 Orange Opalescent glass and draped over SS-540, Andrew Sphere 12" bowl. The total diameter of my bowl is 6" and can be used as a candle holder or just a cute accent piece in any room. 

This is just a cute print I found on Etsy/thedreamygiraffe, talking about creating everyday-- Happy Monday, slumpsters! And as always, email me with any questions! 

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