Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Beginner Workshop

On Saturday, January 11th, Slumpy's hosted their first [ever] Beginner's Workshop in Belmont! We talked about fusing basics (Tack, Contour & Full fuse), tools, and created two 6" glass projects. 

We worked with Slumpy's Carolina Frit and Frit stencils along with System 96 glass. Our Frit stencils are so easy to use and come in so many shapes. See more on our website!

Displaying photo.JPGTake a look at one students take on Frit Stencils and System 96 'Retro Squares' Project.

The Retro Squares project was fused and slumped in our Jumpin' Jill Mold and the Frit Stencil project was contour fused. 

For Slumpy's Firing Guide, check out our website. Also, our FAQ is up too! 

Don't miss our next Workshop on March 1-- more details here. See you soon in Belmont!

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