Thursday, February 27, 2014

DJ's Design Tutorial

Slumpy's released a new & funky mold a few weeks back! The DJ's Design mold has been so popular and seems to be grabbing everyone's attention. 

So… with that said! I'm going to walk you through how I created the final piece! 

Step 1: Choose your glass colors/ design and start cutting! Make sure to double up your glass to ensure glass doesn't pull in. 

2- 15" L x 1.5" W* 
15" L will guantee the base will be even on all four.
1-13" L x 5" W
1- 8.25" L x 3" W

Step 2: Full fuse the layers of each separately to make glass 0.25" thick. Fused glass likes to be .25" thick.

Step 3: Assemble the fused pieces on the [primed] mold and slump. The glass pieces will tack fuse together and slump in one step.

The DJ Design is so much fun and I would love to see what you create on the mold! Email pictures of your DJ Design final piece to I would love to see your glass designs. 

Takeouts: I first full fused an 'H' design to use on this mold then quickly tossed any idea of that design! The piece pushed out a bit and didn't fit to the measurements of the mold. Soo… I created something a little different and pieced together the mold. 

Want to learn more about glass fusing and slumping? Visit our website for our Saturday workshops-- next one is May 3! Projects and techniques being taught will be announced soon. 

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