Monday, December 2, 2013

How to Photograph your Glass pieces

What You will Need:
Digital Camera
(2) 24" Sq. Opalescent Sheet Glass or smaller depending on the size of your piece
(2-6) Clamp Lamps with 100w Daylight Bulbs

Place sheet glass perpendicular to one another, leaning the upright sheet against a wall. You will get a beautiful reflection in your photo by placing your fused piece on top of the white opalescent sheet glass instead of white paper or a white sheet. Set your lights up around the sheet glass. Depending on the look you want you may require more light. The more light the brighter your photos will be. Dim the overhead lights and shoot away!

Once you have taken a few photos and made adjustments, upload photos to your favorite photo editing software. Here you can adjust the brightness and colors to really help your pieces pop!

Important tip: Do not use the flash on your camera as it will wash your photos out and create an unattractive glare on your fused piece.

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