Monday, November 11, 2013

Slumpy's Storefront

Yep, Slumpy's Store is up and running!

Be one of the first 50 customers to shop and receive 20% OFF your entire order!

Now let's start the tour... 

If you see the Slumpy's sign, you are at the right place! 

When you walk in, turn to the right and give yourself a second to take it all in! Seeing all our final glass pieces in person is amazing. Take a moment to browse around... Nicole or Hannah will greet you with a smile! As you round the corner, pick up a clipboard to make your order. We have two Slumpy's Kiosks available to browse our website, watch tutorials, look up more items, look up kiln sizes, etc.

Our Slumping Molds are located along the right wall...First, Belmont Molds then Studio Molds. Be inspired by all the different shapes, collections and final glass pieces! Remember, this is all for you!

As you're making your way around the store, check out all our Carolina Frit and Buffalo Chips colors and sizes. Our Studio Supplies and Decorative Pens are endless! 

Continue straight...
Our Glass Bar is fully stocked with System 96 and Bullseye glass and accessories! Our Glass Menu has every size and glass color that we carry... take your time, our selection is top shelf! 

Don't miss our Glass Lighting Display section...Our Lamps are beautiful! 

Turning the corner...
Tools, Findings and Resources are located just around the corner. We know how important it is to find the perfect tool SO we have Tarheel Tools on display that you can touch, feel and play!

Making your way around the store...
Is our Armored Kiln Gear Stainless Steel Draping molds, Casting and Forming. This will swing ya right by Customer Service who will be happy to take your order form. Again, any question of yours will happily be answered! 

Order fulfillments can take up to an hour... But don't worry, Belmont is such a quaint town and downtown Belmont is right down the road. Ask Nicole or Hannah for recommendations!

See you soon, Slumpsters!

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