Monday, November 4, 2013

Slumpy's Mold Spotlight

Holy Moly! Our 'What's New' section on Slumpy's website is OVERFLOWING

For starters, have you noticed we have been designing molds in smaller sizes? We had a great idea of taking our most popular molds and making smaller versions! Take a look at these two molds! They are actually small versions of an 11" and 13" mold. 

The SM-9049-M, Jordan- Small measures 6" square and 1.5" high. This mold is great for those of you who can't necessarily accomodate an 11" mold but love the shape of our original Jordan mold. This also gives a great opportunity to those who have larger kilns and want a Jordan mold set! 

The SM-9275-S, 3 Section Jumper- Small was also designed off a Slumpy's original and popular mold. This mold measures 9" L x 3" W x 1" H and makes the perfect 3 section decorative votive holder. 

The next two molds that Slumpy's just released are molds that have family members following closely behind! These molds are simply elegant! 

Slumpy's SM-9464, Ruffle Flower plate measures 12.5" in diameter and 3.5" in height. Simply place a 12" fused circle on this mold and slump! No need to use nippers to exact the shape to your glass... the mold has an organic design and we can all benefit from that! 

I think I saved the best for last... the SM-9802, Circle Square Mold is one of my favorites! I'm almost positive you'll agree too! I also adore the 1GBS-I-136 Dark Blue Iridescent sheet glass used on the final piece. 

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Have a great week, Slumpsters!

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