Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October News!

This past weekend was SlumpFest 2013 and we had a wonderful time with everyone! A big thank you to everyone who came to Belmont, NC! We hope that each and every one of you walked away with new techniques and new friends. I personally loved talking with everyone and meeting new folks from "our" world. We had a good bunch of folks this year-- 52 people! Double from last year!

For those of you who couldn't make this year, we had Luke Krenzin and Erica Biery as instructors. Both were wonderful and have so many great ideas and techniques! Erica taught the stamping technique and students made a 12" stamped salad bowl. Erica is such a great teacher and a magician on the Morton Glass Cutting system! Her assistant, Jennifer, was so full of life and helpful. I can't wait to visit with these two again!

Luke taught the crackle technique this weekend and everybody's glass pieces look amazing! Of course, we are still firing glass and will be all week! Luke is such a great person and super friendly! I loved watching him interact with all the students. I can't wait to try the crackle technique in the Slumpy's studio!

Our Grand Opening for the Slumpy's showroom was this weekend too! All our SlumpFest 2013 attendees had first look at our new storefront! On Saturday morning, we had a ribbon cutting ceremony with owners, DJ and Scott Toal. We are open and ready to see you-- stop by and visit Slumpy's!

For more awesome pictures of SlumpFest 2013 and our NEW storefront, visit us on Facebook!

Again, a BIG thank you to everyone who attended, instructed and helped at SlumpFest 2013! We are so very grateful for you all!

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