Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How to choose your Mold Primer

Slumpy's carries a large selection of glass mold primers, kiln wash and supplies. The more you know about each primer, the easier it is to decide on which to use for your project!

For use on Slumpy's Fusing molds and Draping molds, we recommend using MR-97 Boron Nitrate spray. This primer can reach up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit which is perfect for full fusing with our pod molds. The spray adheres great to our Armored Kiln Gear drape molds too. You will need to wear a mask and use in well-ventilated area (toxic product). You can get about 2 - 3 firings before you need to re-coat. Once you cannot feel the smoothness of MR-97 on your mold then it's time to re-prime. 

One of my favorite ceramic slump mold primers is Glass Separator (non-toxic). This primer is pre-mixed and looks like chocolate milk! After the initial first 3 coats, you can use up to 15 times. This primer saves you a lot of time! This primer can also be used to prime your kiln shelves. Make sure to follow the instructions on how to apply.

A great kiln shelf primer is Bullseye Shelf Primer, also known as Bullseye pink popular formula-- comes in powder form and mixes easily with water. The primer is available in 5 pounds or 40 pounds; One 5 lb bucket will coat about a hundred and fifty 20" sq (129 cm2) shelves.

If you are little more adventurous, Hotline Hi-Fire Shelf Primer is great for raking/ combing in your kiln. Make sure you have the proper safety gear before you attempt this technique. 

At the Glass Bead and Glass Expo in Vegas this past April, I tried combing for the first time. Mr. Bob with Cress was so helpful and is such a sweet and encouraging person!

For more information on specific items or technical help, email us at slumpyartist@slumpys.com. 

Have a great week everyone! 

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